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Well, now what?

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So, if you have followed either this or Modern Shamanism, you’ll know that I have normally taken a more serious track to my blogs. I wanted to share my views on life and spirituality and I have come to a conclusion:

Nobody cares!!!!

And that’s ok. My spirituality is mine and yours is yours. I don’t feel like explaining mine or even really having a discussion about it. This is the reason for my long absence.

What I really want to do is tell stories.

Punch Tavern by Richard Croft is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

I have found the best way I can do that is to share the stories I play with my sons through HeroQuest and Dungeons and Dragons.

I’ll share the stories of our characters and the stories of our homebrew adventures. I’ll share the stories from their world and any other things we do that are interesting.

So, sit back by the fire, have a pint and I’ll tell you the stories of our journeys.

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Published by Taen of Vessels

Taen of Vessels, Bard of the Drum. This is where I tell the stories of our table top adventures. Join us in Ulfgar's Tavern as I tell of our journeys in the HeroQuest and Forgotten Realms!!

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